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This is a game created in Game Maker Pro for the Ludum Dare game jam number 36.

 Gather the three strange artifacts and bring them to the bizarre structure in the basement to transcend this mortal coil and see worlds beyond in this Lovecraft-inspired platformer.

Collect keys to advance, medikits to heal, a gun, and ammo. There are diaries scattered about, but those don't yet do anything.


W = hide in the shadows to avoid enemies

A = move left

D = move right

S = drop through semisolid platforms over stairs to go down

Q = go left up stairs

E = go right up stairs

Hold Shift and aim with the mouse when you have a gun.

Left mouse button to shoot.

G (or click with the mouse on your ammo) = reload ammo (requires a clip in your inventory to work

H (or click with the mouse on your medikit) = heal (requires a medikit in your inventory)


This is a work in progress, so frequent changes may occur.
Feedback is very welcome.

Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development


LD36 - Ancient Technology - Transcendence.exe 9 MB